The images are a complete archive of my sculptures.
For more detailed photographs, please click on the thumbnail image.
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Beauly Gallery Beauly Gallery Beauly Gallery Jerdan Gallery
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web sales web sales web web sales
Atholl Gallery merchant gate web sales web sales
Tore Gallery web merchant gate gallery ***
jardine gallery **Strathearn Gallery** jardine gallery Atholl Gallery
*harrogate* *harrogate* Just Art
**Lowry** **GRCH08** Tore Gallery *harrogate*
**dundee** *harrogate* **woodfair** web sales
**Laurel Gallery** **Laurel gallery** web sales laurel gallery
**southport fs** flat cat gallery **artisanat** xxx
Just Art web sales jardine gallery web sales
Archway Gallery web sales Laurel Gallery **artisanat**
Mansfield Park Gallery Archway Gallery Archway Gallery Archway Gallery
Just Art Mansfield Park **Mansfield Gallery** xxxxxxx
Christos Gallery Christos Gallery Christos Gallery Just Art
Mansfield Gallery Mansfield Gallery Christos Gallery Christos Gallery
RHS2008 **Burnside Gallery** Mansfield Gallery **Mansfield Gallery**
**Lowry** **assembly rooms 2008** **strathearn gallery** *scone2008*
XXXXX Beauly Gallery Burnside Gallery Mansfield Gallery
web Atholl Gallery *harrogate* **Shoreline Studios**
Laurel Gallery Beauly Gallery web sales *harrogate*
**Just Art** **Just Art** *harrogate* **Burnside Gallery**
**jerdan** **artisanat** **Just Art, Fochabers** **Just Art, Fochabers**
*Scone2008* Christos Gallery **kaz** **Just Art, Fochabers**
**ayrfs xxx **Shoreline Studios** RHS2008
RHS2008 *Harrogate* glasgow RCH **rheged**
*neil* **southport fs** *gawsworth *glasgow RCH
Phil atholl gallery xxxxxx **dfs**
*Harrogate* *Harrogate* *assembly rooms* *Harrogate*
*Fotheringham Gallery* RHS2008 Tore Gallery *Harrogate*
*Capesthorne* **rheged** xxxxxxxx xxx
XXXXXX *Strathearn Gallery* *kaz* *Fotheringham Gallery*
**Fotheringham Gallery *Strathearn Gallery* jardine gallery RHS2008
*Scone Game Fair* xpab *Glamis* **Laurel Gallery**
**Burnside Gallery** **southport** The Elms *Harrogate*
*assembly rooms* *Kathy B* *keb* xpab
xxx *Harrogate* *Scone Game Fair* xxx
xxx *glassow rch* atholl gallery *xxx*
xxx xxx **Tore Gallery** *RHS-3*
*scone2008* *Harrogate* xxx *Archway Gallery*
*Pam* *RHS-3* *KEB xpab
*KEB xpab *RHS-1* *RHS-2*
xxx The Elms **KEB* *RHS-4*
**jerdan** Simon *Archway Gallery* xxx
*Fotheringham Gallery* *scone2008* *KEB *Glamis*
Tore Gallery *assembly rooms* web Beauly Gallery
Harrogate jardine gallery *Harrogate* **GRCH**
*rhs2008* web sales **woodfair** Laurel Gallery
**Lowry** *harrogate* **Lowry** **ayrfs